Creatistics PVA Washable School Glue 5 Litres

Creatistics PVA Washable School Glue 5 Litres

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Creatistics PVA washable school glue is a great addition to any classroom. This strong glue is suitable for bonding wood, hardboard, cardboard, paper and other absorbent surfaces. Ideal for all art & craft activities at home or in the classroom, including scrap booking. Use PVA glue to thicken liquid colours and to give an “oil colour effect” to ready-mixed colours. The glue goes on white, but dries to give a translucent film that is water-resistant when dry. A fantastic alternative to standard glue and adhesives. Comes in a 5 litre bottle for bulk use. Pour into smaller bottles for individual use. Non-toxic.

Creatistics PVA washable school glue is such a versatile product for early childhood and school settings and makes a wonderful addition to a STEAM based learning curriculum. Able to strongly bond together a wide variety of mediums, PVA glue is a safe and fuss free glue for building, crafting and art projects for a range of ages. As it dries clear, PVA glue is often the glue of choice for delicate artworks, woodwork or repairs. For the younger years collage artworks, washable PVA glue is an ideal choice, able to stick down all those crafty bits and piecessecurely bond to the paper or art medium.

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