CoDrone – Programmable Educational Drone

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MTA Catalogue page: 505

Take drones to the next level and give your drone instructions by programming it! The CoDrone is a small and light quad-copter drone which you can easily program to do whatever you want: let CoDrone follow you around, let it go through a maze or let it perform stunts. CoDrone will amaze you, whether you are new to drones and coding or you're a long-time drone user.

The CoDrone is an excellent educational resource to learn and understand coding and programming. It was developed to encourage students to program. CoDrone can be programmed with the Arduino IDE which uses C/C++, and also used a custom CoDrone coding library to simplify the coding for educational purposes. This library together with the internal stability and durability of the CoDrone making it an ideal classroom instrument. In conclusion, it is a compact, light, intelligent and innovative learning platform for students of all ages.

Not only beginners can learn the basics of variables, control statements, and automation. It is also suitable for advanced users. They can learn feedback control and how to write their own programming libraries. Even professionals can tap into the CoDrone's internal functions to develop new and exciting features for the community. As a result, the flexibility of a small, sensor-driven drone combined with the widely popular Arduino programming environment offers an enormous range of subject matter and customisability. The CoDrone utilises Bluetooth Low Energy communication. The remote control of the drone needs to be assembled, giving students the understanding on how the different pieces of the remote communicate with the CoDrone.

Drones have four individual motor controls and travel in 3D space, making it a lot harder and complicated to control than RC cars. Programming and manoeuvring the CoDrones will give students a welcoming challenge.

Find the specifications of CoDrone below.

CoDrone comes with the following on-board sensors:
– Gyroscopes
– Accelerometers
– Barometer
– IR Sensors
– Optical Flow Sensor

CoDrone’s Features:
– Customisable Controller
– Additional Controller Pins
– Easily Removable and Replaceable Parts
– Programmable On-board LED’s
– Arduino IDE with Online Lessons and Support

CoDrone’s smart inventor board:
– 7 Digital IR Sensors
– 3 Analogue IR Sensors
– 4 DC Motor Ports
– 5 Analogue SVG Pins
– 5 Digital SVG Pins
– 1 Buzzer
– 8 LED’s

CoDrone’s capabilities:
– Self-Stabilisation
– Altitude Hold
– Bluetooth Smart Phone Control
– Sensor Data Feedback

CoDrone’s specifications:
– Weight: 37 grams – safe to use around students
– Operating Range: 500m
– Battery Life: 8 minutes
– Battery Charge time: 40 min
– Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity
– For indoor use only
– Size is 133mm by 133mm

MTA Catalogue page: 505