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IR Seeker Sensor for LEGO Education SPIKE Prime & EV3

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Product Code BBS001

This IR Seeker Sensor is a multi-platform 360 degree IR Seeker, suitable for the Standard and Lightweight divisions of Robocup Junior Soccer. For more advanced teams, the sensor can be programmed using the Arduino platform using the Grove I2C output. Multiple firmware options exist for the board which can be easily upgraded and changed as needed: for SPIKE Prime, EV3, and Arduino.Teams can choose firmware that allows them to write code specifically for a ‘goalie’ robot, or alternatively, they can choose firmware that allows code to be written for two ‘striker’ robots. The choice is yours! The sensors are numbered just like a clock to determine where the ball is, such as ’12’ = forward and ‘6’ = behind, with these same numbers being represented in Spike Prime or EV3 as ’12 cm’ = forward, or ‘6 cm’ = behind, etc. This IR Seeker can be used by a multitude of Robocup Junior soccer teams!(EV3 Classroom is NOT supported)