Pottery Wheel – Each

Pottery Wheel – Each

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Product Code AM1261

Students can use this pottery wheel for hand building with clay. Rotate the wheel as you work to shape and mould the clay on each side. Made in a solid metal design, this wheel rotates with the simple push of the hand to make working with clay a breeze and allows children to shape modelling materials from a number of different angles. This pottery wheel is very stable to ensure it does not fall off a table and it can hold a large amount of clay on the surface to create a dedicated area where the children can go to play with and model. This pottery wheel is also great to leave clay on to air dry so that is hardens reducing the mess around the classroom and creating a central point where the children can go to play with dough and clay. Other crafted items can also be placed on the wheel to dry and it can also be used to sit crafting supplies on that can be spun and shared by the children in the classroom. The metal wheel has a smooth finish allowing the clay to sit flat on the wheel and it also means the dough and clay will not stick to and stain the wheel creating less mess. The wheel is easy to clean, just remove the excess dough/clay then wipe down the surface with a wet cloth. Size: 18cm(W) x 10cm(H).

MTA Catalogue page: 95