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Natural Spaces – Play House – 190 x 94 x 136cm

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A wonderful play house for role play and quiet time. This natural wooden playhouse can be also used for group work, reading or building. The play house measures 190cm wide x 94cm deep x 136cm high. It creates a comfortable and welcoming space for children.

This playhouse makes a wonderful nook. The arched tunnel shape creates a welcoming space. The curved archway can be woven with fabric or kept open to show the curved arch design. This play house can support children and students in quiet learning, self reflection, role play and finding a quiet spot from the rest of the class.

The furniture features an open design with easy access from the front and the back. Children and educators can access the shelving from either side. The archway features shelving on both sides. The large frame provides easy supervision. This arch way also includes 2 pieces of long, sheer fabric. Each piece of fabric measures 220cm long x 90cm wide. Assembly is required. is Each shelf measures 88cm wide x 30cm deep x 25cm high, and the overall size of the shelf is 88cm wide x 30cm deep x 60m high. All timber used in this item is approved by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This is the world’s most rigorous labelling system for timber products, and is the only forest label supported by the World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace and the Australian Conservation Fund. FSC approval ensures that this item is an environmentally friendly and sustainable option for the classroom.

The fabric has ties around the outside to help secure the fabric onto the arch. The fabric helps to create an intimate play space for children while also allowing for educator supervision. Other pieces of fabric or ribbons can also be tied onto the archway supports.

Creating inviting environments is important for any classroom space. Using a variety of textures, fabrics, colours and materials helps to create an environment that is visually appealing and engaging, but also calming and restful. The learning environment should be comfortable and welcoming for children, parents and educators. Young children respond differently, based on the design, the types of resources, and the materials used in each space. An effectively designed classroom has the potential to positively influence all areas of a child’s development.

Soft furnishings, including the Natural Spaces Play House, make terrific additions to the early childhood education care setting as well as the early school environment. Canopy style furniture can support a range of room settings and configurations including informal soft furnishings. These types of room settings can facilitate collaboration with others, discussion, demonstration, experiential, explicit, feedback and reflection, guided learning or independent learning modes. The Natural Spaces Play House can also transform an area of the room into a cosy nook or reading area, a magical cubby house or the final touches to a dramatic role play area. The options are endless!

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