Overhead Projector Colours Kit

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Product Code ACC190-C

This Overhead Projector Colours Kit lets students and teachers create beautiful colours projected onto classroom walls. Can be used for colourrecognition and colour exploration activities.Learning about colours is a fun and enjoyable experience with an overhead projector. The focusing lens projects light from an illuminated source onto a projection screen, or wall. The image is able to be magnified to a stunning degree. Being able to light up the classroom like a rainbow will capture your students interest and intrigue and have them exploring colours like never before. Colours are all around us and children can also delve into the wonderful world of colour by forming new colours with this kit. Overlapping the colours together can form new colours- red and yellow make orange, blue and yellow makes green, red and blue make purple etc. Exploring colour with an overhead projector is a great scientific experience where children can explore concentration, language development and creativity. The overhead projector colours kit offers opportunities for children to use scientific thinking including the ability to make predictions, observations, comparisons, reasoning, experimentation and evaluation.

Kit includes: Overhead Projector (ACC190), Liquid Filled Sensory Shapes (GUW201), Plastic Mosaic Pieces (LK6170), Steel Ringed Chips (LEL0222), and Assorted Cellophane (AUS201).


MTA Catalogue page: 715

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