Overhead Projector 240V

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Product Code ACC190

An overhead projector works using a focusing lens, which projects light from an illuminated slide onto a projection screen where a real image is formed. Great for use in the classroom, school assemblies or projecting images on the wall for backgrounds. Great for STEM and STEAM including early childhood sensory exploration of colour, shapes, patterns and more! The Overhead Projector 240V is ready to join the learning environment for endless hours of inquiry and discovery.

  • 240V Overhead Projector
  • Product Dimensions: 38.4(W) x 39.3(D) x 71.5(H)cm
  • Product Weight: 8.309 kg

Overhead projectors are wonderfully open ended, allowing educators to adapt the lesson to changing interests and development needs. The overhead projector offers opportunities for children to use scientific thinking including the ability to make predictions, observations, comparisons, reasoning, experimentation and evaluation. Why not explore colour, shapes and patterns with an overhead projector for a terrific scientific experience where children can develop concentration, language development and creativity as they learn through play. Find all sorts of coloured shapes, transparent objects and patterns in the learning environment- simply place on the overhead projector and see the image project onto a wall or screen. Experiment with overlapping or solid versus transparent items or even items sourced from the natural environment. What will your class explore?

MTA Catalogue page: 715

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