Towards a better world

Corporate social responsibility. We’re committed to making a difference.

At MTA, we’re not just passionate about helping educators to create engaging learning environments, we’re also committed to making a difference in the biggest classroom around - our world. We’re continually working towards improving our corporate social responsibility by implementing initiatives that help us contribute to a better world.
Our journey so far
Over the past 8 years, we’ve taken leaps forward in our sustainability journey including founding membership of APCO, adopting our Ethical Sourcing Policy and implementing a program to address the risks of modern slavery in our supply chains. We have an increasing range of sustainable products and packaging initiatives, and a focus on reducing our carbon footprint. Teaching at its heart is about community, and we too have a tradition of working with and supporting communities.
Making a difference in our environment
There’s no Planet B so we’re on a mission to deliver environmentally conscious products in a way that reduces our impact on the earth and creates a more sustainable future.
Founding member of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) that partners with industry to reduce the harmful impact of packaging on the environment.
Prioritising sustainably sourced product: many of our products are FSC certified, and we’re also developing our own FSC certified educational resources.
Transitioning to more sustainable packaging such as paper void fill instead of polystyrene ‘peanut packaging’ and removing unnecessary single-use plastic from our packaging.
Improving recyclability by adding the Australian Recycling label to packaging, increasing recycling, reusing cartons and reducing waste in offices and warehouses.
Measuring our carbon footprint to identify emission factors which are the biggest contributors, therefore allowing us to implement meaningful activities to lower our emissions.
One meaningful way we are lowering our emissions to reduce our carbon footprint is with the installation of LED lighting in our offices and warehouses.
Using PEFC paper for our printed materials. The Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) promotes sustainable forest management.
Making a difference in communities
Being socially inclusive and working to support communities is at the heart of our commitment to help shape a better world.
We partner with The Smith Family in a variety of initiatives including their flagship Learning for Life program that helps break the cycle of disadvantage for 1.2 million young Australians through the power of education. Through financial support, volunteering and donating resources, we help provide access to the learning essentials that they need.
Through the Aboriginal Participation Plan, we have a commitment to 1.5% of our workforce identifying as First Nations.
We have started our journey to reconciliation by implementing our first Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan.
We partner with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander creators and organisations to develop First Nations resources.
As a business that sources products globally, we developed our Ethical Sourcing Policy which sets out the values integral to how we do business. We actively try to minimise the risk on modern slavery such as child or forced labour, and work together with our suppliers to create a safe working environment and to protect human rights of workers.
Responsible sourcing means we prioritise suppliers who commit to comply with our Ethical Sourcing Policy, and we expect them to promote these values in their factories and supply chains throughout the world.
We promote workplaces that are inclusive, increasingly diverse, safe and rewarding.
Making a difference in business
At MTA, we like to lead by example. Quality, safety, compliance, strong policies, regular reporting... it’s all part of the way we do business and ensures accountability. We’re all about doing what’s right - for our people, our customers, our communities and the planet.
ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certificates for Quality Management and Environmental Management Systems.
A long standing commitment to safety and compliance ensuring all equipment and resources with Australian mandatory standards are tested for compliance.
In partnership with Benestar, we provide all our people and their immediate family members with a comprehensive health and wellbeing program, providing free confidential coaching and support, as well as blogs, podcasts, videos, meditations and more.
Like to know more about MTA’s Environmental, Social and Governance Strategy and future plans? Reach out to your Rep or contact us.