Viking – Mini Chubbies Plastic Vehicles – 60 pieces

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Product description

These colourful cars and trucks are an excellent addition to any early childhood environment. The vehicles are made from high quality plastic, and feature rust resistant axles, making these cars and trucks perfect for outdoor use as well as in sand and water play.

This Mini Chubbies set includes 60 cars and trucks in four different colours, including red, yellow, green and blue. Each vehicle features white rubber wheels which are silent when rolled on the ground, making for a more quiet and peaceful play environment. Each of these cars and trucks measures 7cm in length, and include various different vehicles.

These vehicles are an excellent role play resource. They encourage language development, communication and social skills. Try using these cars and trucks outside in the sand pit, or along wet, muddy pathways. Or add the Mini Chubbies vehicles to the block corner, and build roads and city scapes for the cars to drive through and around. Young children will be able to explore cause and effect and movement in fun and exciting ways.

This set of durable cars and trucks is suitable for children from the age of 12 months.

Viking Toys value safety and quality in all of their toys and educational resources. Only virgin plastic material of the highest quality is used. Viking Toys are non toxic and safe for small children to play with. No Viking Toys product contains phthalates or BPAs, and uses only non toxic dyes. They feature smooth, round forms, with no sharp edges.  Viking Toys are able to withstand tough play both indoors and outdoors.

MTA Catalogue page: 11