TPC – Wolf – Long Sleeved Glove Puppet

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Product description

With working mouths and hands, and fantastic attention to detail, these glove puppets are large enough to take an adult hand and made to cover the whole of the lower arm. They can be used in a puppet theatre, behind the sofa or anywhere else that takes your fancy. Each puppet measures 38cm. Ages 3+ years. Also available in the range; PC6028 Tiger TPC6022 Lion TPC6015 Giraffe TPC6012 Elephant TPC6010 Crocodile TPC6002 Bear TPC6032 Wolf TPC6017 Silverback Gorilla TPC6007 Chimp TPC6024 Panda TPC6013 Fox TPC6037 Penguin TPC6033 Harp Seal Pup

MTA Catalogue page: 2