Basic Ability Traditional Indigenous Cards

Basic Ability Traditional Indigenous Cards

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These activity indigenous cards are a great source of inclusive game ideas for people with and without disabilities. The cards are ideal for coaches, teachers and sports leaders and encourage use of the TREE model to adapt and modify game situations to be more inclusive of people with disability. These indigenous cards are also included in the Sports Ability Indigenous Equipment Kit (SY200).

Sports Ability is a National Sporting program designed to encourage people of all ages and abilities to get involved in physical activities and sports.

Sports Ability is an inclusive games program with two main aims:
To provide teachers, support staff, community leaders, coaches and those working in the promotion of sports and health more way of including people with disabilities
To provide means for people with and without disabilities to interact in a sporting environment

Sports Ability is inclusive of all people, all ages, and all abilities
With or without a disability
For ages 5 through to older people

Activity Cards and easy to use DVD€™s were developed by Ken Black and Richard Nicholson these cards are essential for structuring both original and adapted versions of the activities These resources are influenced by programs carried out by Youth Sport Trust in the UK.

MTA Catalogue page: 1082