Lobster Necklace Clasp Silver 10mm – Pack of 20

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Product description

Lobster clasps are the most easiest and functional clasp to use when making jewellery. You can use lobster clasps predominantly on necklaces, anklets and bracelets.

The size of these lobster clasps are perfect for jewellery as they dont take the effect away from the design you have just created.

They are easy to attach. Either tie a tight knot through the small loop. You could do a simple larks head knot if using string or thread. Or if using wire it is best to thread the wire through the small loop making a “U” shape with the wire then attach a crimp to hold in place.

It is best to use a jewellery tag to join the ends together. Jewellery tags are a flat piece of small metal with two holes either end. One to attach the wire or string, the other is for the lobster clasp to attach.

Lobster clasps are an esstential part of jewellery making and a must have in the jewellery craft box.

Thick and strong silver clasps to complete creative designs. Size: 1cm. Nickle Plated.

Art and Craft catalogue page: 137

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