Schleich – A Band of Gorillas – 7pc

Schleich – A Band of Gorillas – 7pc

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A set of 7 highly detailed gorillas. Male measures approx. 9cm high. Did you know? Most gorillas are herbivores. Gorillas are indigenous to Africa and are land dwelling animals. The closest relatives of gorillas are chimpanzees and humans.

Please see our Kit Components tab on this page for the current kit contents. The contents may vary. Suitable for children from the age of 3 years.

Schleich resources are beautiful and highly detailed replicas. Their range varies from fairies and elves, to farm to wild animals. Each item is hand painted with much attention and care. Made from high quality materials, Schleich replicas encourage imagination and creativity through play.

Imaginative and creative play helps children to develop language and communication skills. It develops and promotes creativity and imagination. Creative and imaginative play also encourages children to become more confident and develop a stronger sense of identity. When children come together in imaginative play, it aids in their social and emotional development. Listening to others, negotiation and co-operation all result from this type of play. This resource is excellent for promoting social and imaginative play. Play is an important part of early childhood. Play encourages children to learn, develop and grow whilst they have fun.

Kit components

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Component  Name  Quantity  Unit  In stock
SC14661  Schleich - Gorilla Male  3  EACH The item is available
SC14662  Schleich - Gorilla Female with Baby  2  EACH The item is available
SC14663  Schleich - Baby Gorilla  2  EACH The item is available

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