Powder Paints 450g – Set of 10

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59.95 (Ex GST) 65.95 (Incl GST) Equivalent to 6.00 each

Product description

Formulated to provide a quality inexpensive paint in powder form. Excellent for long term, year-to-year storage and creates bright and vibrant colours.

Comes in green, orange, red, violet, yellow, brown, black, blue, magenta and white.

These are great for a number of painting applications and the powder form minimises wastage allowing the children to use the right amount.

Powdered paint will stain both skin and clothing when in prolonged contact with both. If it incidentally contacts skin, make sure it is thoroughly washed off within seconds. Always have adult supervision when using powder paints and for best practice have an adult mix the paint for the children to use.

Supplied in a 450g plastic jar.

Please click here to view Material Safety Data Sheet

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Kit components

The product consists of the following components:

Component  Name  Quantity  Unit  In stock
SA7166   Powder Paint - Green 450G  1  EACH The item is available
SA7114   Powder Paint - Orange 450G  1  EACH The item is available
SA7120   Powder Paint - Red 450G  1  EACH The item is available
SA7142   Powder Paint - Violet 450G  1  EACH The item is available
SA7103   Powder Paint - Yellow 450G  1  EACH The item is available
SA7188   Powder Paint - Brown 450G  1  EACH The item is available
SA7185   Powder Paint - Black 450G  1  EACH The item is available
SA7150   Powder Paint - Blue 450G  1  EACH The item is available
SA7138   Powder Paint - Magenta 450G  1  EACH The item is available
SA7196   Powder Paint - White 450G  1  EACH The item is available

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