Mardi Gras Colour Diffusing Masks – Set of 30

Mardi Gras Colour Diffusing Masks – Set of 30

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Fun Mardi Gras Colour diffusing masks to get creative for fun play and wear.

Can be used with watercolours, dyes, coloured poster paints, crayons, markers and glitter glue to decorate the printed colour diffusing paper. Create fun patterns and let the colour explode on to the paper, such unique creations to be made.

Once you have decorated your diffusing paper, cut out the features and glue them onto the brightly coloured fold-up masks. Attach more glitter, embellishments, pom poms and feathers to give it a real jazzy personal touch. Once decorated, fold up the pieces to create the 3D mask, then wear for pretend and play activities.

Each sheet of paper is 21 x 27cm. Includes a teacher’s guide. Set contains a total of 30 masks and 21 sheets of printed colour diffusing paper. Ages 4+ years

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