Driftwood Box

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Product description

This set of natural driftwood is perfect for adding some natural resources to play. The driftwood is sourced only from dead trees, so is an environmentally friendly and sustainable option. As this is a natural item size and shape will vary. Due to irregular size and shape, the driftwood is sold by weight and volume. The natural pieces may vary in length from 5cm to 25cm. The average weight of the box is 2.5kg, and the average size of the box is 30cm x 21.5cm x 16.5cm. An average box may contain around 35 pieces, but this will vary due to the size and weigh of each piece. These natural wooden pieces are not uniform in size or weight, so we can not guarantee the exact size or quality included.

Nature’s Gifts products are completely natural, found and collected in their local environment. They are sourced from very remote places around the world and are extremely unique. Nature’s Gifts can help develop knowledge and appreciation in young children, of natural woods, stones and rocks. Products are sourced from licensed suppliers, no live wood is ever sourced. All sand, stone and rock products are 100% pure, made from ground natural stone. These products are not toys and should be handled by children only under adult supervision. As all products are natural, colour, shape and size may vary.


MTA Catalogue page: 1042

Art and Craft catalogue page: 205