Blue Scrapbook 72 Pages 60gsm

Blue Scrapbook 72 Pages 60gsm

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Product description

This 72 page scrapbook comes with a cardboard cover and is supplied in assorted colours.

Scrapbooks are perfect as a keepsake for memories of a year, holiday or event. Children can add their ideas, their drawings, pictures, photos, cut outs or anything they wish into their scrapbooks. Children can add to their scrapbooks whenever they please. This creates creativity and gives the children an ongoing project to achieve.

The scrapbook is also perfect to showcase a year in the making. Children add memories as the year goes on of excursions, milestones, what the child has experienced, favourite moments, who their close friends are. A fantastic way for the child to reminisce on their year that was.

The scrapbook is fantastic to give as a present to someone special. Such as mothers or father’s day. Children can write poems, do drawings of the family, add pictures etc. A lovely gift to give as it has personalised creativity on every page.

Scrapbooks are a must have for all classrooms. A wonderful way for being creative on a crafting afternoon.

The paper is 60gsm.
It measures 33 x 24cm.

MTA Catalogue page: 78

Art and Craft catalogue page: 245