Place Value Class Kit

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Product description

The Place Value Class Kit includes a variety of resources to teach students the complicated concept of place value. Step by step, students will discover that the position of the digit in a number determines its value, by using the place value flip charts. The base ten resources included in the kit are also a perfect tool to teach the place value system.

The MTA Maths Kits have been designed to make life easier for the busy teacher, ensuring that a varied and appropriate set of resources is always to hand. Each kit includes popular maths resources which can be used to cover a number of activities. All kits are stored in a Heavy Duty 60Ltr Container.

The Place Value class kit includes the following resources:

2 x Tutor Classroom Polyhedra Dice 162pcs
2 x Base 10 Group Set
1 x Teachers Million Place Value Board
3 x Students Million Place Value Board Set of 10
1 x Heavy Duty 60Ltr Container

Components in all kits may vary slightly subject to availability.

MTA Catalogue page: 199

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