LEGO – ROOF TILE 1X3-25° Bright yellow PK10

LEGO – ROOF TILE 1X3-25° Bright yellow PK10

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Product description

This roof tile 1 x 3 is a LEGO Education spare part and can be used to complement your existing LEGO Education sets. The roof tile is supplied as a pack of 10 pieces.

LEGO Education resources are designed specifically for learning in the early years. They tap into children’s innate desires to explore, imagine and learn, providing hands-on opportunities for creativity and imagination. Made from high quality, durable plastic, LEGO and LEGO Duplo bricks contain no harmful phthalates or BPAs. Learning is at the very core of the LEGO Group’s values. LEGO Education combines the unique, inspiring qualities of LEGO bricks with specific tools and curriculum so educators can support children to learn and grow.

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