Plastic Pocket Dice Set 2 x 12cm plus Cards

Plastic Pocket Dice Set 2 x 12cm plus Cards

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Product description

This plastic pocket dice can be used for an endless variety of mathematical games and activities. Simply customise the pocket dice to use it for any mathematical topic you like. The set includes plenty of options to choose from, or simply create your own cards on the blank reverse of each card. 

Use the cards included to customise the dice:
– Numeral Cards from 0 to 20
– Domino Dot Cards
– Coin Cards
– Fraction Cards
– Operation Cards
– €˜Ones’ and €˜Tens’ Cards
– Pattern Block Cards

A 12 page Teachers Guide provides activities, practical teaching ideas and Blackline Masters to help you make the best use of the Plastic Pocket Dice.

Each set contains:
– 2 Six-sided dice (120 mm3)
– 124 Cards (100 x 100 mm)
– Teacher’s Guide

MTA Catalogue page: 296

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