Green Toys – Flatbed with Red Race Car

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Product description

This sturdy, blue truck has a flat bed, which can be tilted to allow the red race car to drive up onto the truck. The truck measure 30cm long, and is made from 100% recycled milk containers, and has no metal axles, so is perfect for sand and water play. Ages 12+ months.

Green Toys are made from 100% recycled milk containers. The plastic is recycled and processed into clean HDPE plastic (high density polyethylene). This material is one of the safest and cleanest materials used today. Non-toxic dyes are also used, to create safe, educational resources. Minimal packaging is used to ensure an environmentally friendly product that has minimal effect on the environment. No Green Toys products feature BPAs, PVC, phthalates, or any other type of external coating, making them a safe and sustainable option.

MTA Catalogue page: 994