Wooden Pattern Blocks

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Product description

This set of pattern blocks consists of 250 wooden pieces, allowing students to classify and sort shapes. The pattern blocks can also be used for pattern, symmetry and problem solving.

The set contains of 250 pieces in 6 shapes, each shape has its own distinctive colour. The set includes hexagons, squares, triangles, trapezoids, parallelograms and rhombuses. Pattern blocks can be used for a wide range of mathematical activities. The blocks can be used as a sorting activity, by sorting all blocks in the same colour and shape together, or let then sort the blocks by the numbers of sides. Let children describe the blocks by number of sides and corners.

Students can use the pattern blocks to create patterns and sequences. They can learn about symmetry by creating patterns that are mirrored.

Pattern blocks are also an ideal resource to show students that one shape can be made by a combination of two or more different shapes, for instance that one hexagon is the same as two trapezoids, or as three parallelograms. Once students get the hang of this, you can use this principle to explain fractions.

Pattern blocks can be used from early years maths concepts like sorting, patterning and sequencing, to more advanced maths like fractions.

MTA Catalogue page: 282

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