Pupil Number Fans – 10 Pack

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Product description

These plastic number fans show the numbers 0 to 9 (and a decimal point) arranged in a simple easy to hold swatch. They are printed black on yellow plastic for visual clarity and on tough plastic for durability. The set if supplied in packs of 10.

Children really enjoy holding up these simple fans to demonstrate their answers. They are also a really useful visual aid for teachers to instantly pick out any pupils who need a little more assistance. Hold one number up at the time, or combine different numbers to create multiple digit numbers.

An excellent resource for whole class activity – students hold up the correct number on their fan in answer to the teacher’s questions, for instance: Show me a number with 3 tens and 2 units. or: Show me all the odd numbers. Or: What is 3 x 6?

Ages 4+ years

MTA Catalogue page: 225

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