Bottle Reagent – Polypropylene – 125ml

Bottle Reagent – Polypropylene – 125ml

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Product description

These reagent bottles are ideal for school labs. They are made of rigid and leak-proof polypropylene. They are designed to¬†hold and store chemicals in liquid or powder form for laboratories and stored in cabinets or on shelves. It can also hold chemicals that can’t be thrown in the sink.

This bottle reagent is 125 ml. The diameter of the opening of the bottle is 18 mm. The bottle reagent comes with a screw on lid to securely hold the liquids in the bottle.

Make sure you label the reagent bottle after you have stored the chemical in the bottle, to make sure you can identify the correct chemical.

The bottles can be autoclaved and are leak proof. Ideal for school labs and universities.

MTA Catalogue page: 458

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