Overhead Australian Money

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Product description

This 64-piece set of overhead Australian Money includes beautiful replicas of Australian notes and coins. Excellent as an overhead resource to get the whole class participating.

The sizes of the coins and notes are as follows:

$100 €˜note’ – 112mm (L) x 51mm (H)
$50 €˜note’ – 110mm (L) x 51mm (H)
$20 €˜note’ – 103mm (L) x 51mm (H)
$10 €˜note’ – 100mm (L) x 51mm (H)
$5 €˜note’ – 95mm (L) x 51mm (H)

$2 €˜coin’ – 35mm (L) x 35mm (H)
$1 €˜coin’ – 40mm (L) x 40mm (H)
50c €˜coin’ – 50mm (L) x 50mm (H)
20c €˜coin’ – 45mm (L) x 45mm (H)
10c €˜coin’ – 39mm (L) x 39mm (H)
5c €˜coin’ – 35mm (L) x 35mm (H)


Ages 4+ years

MTA Catalogue page: 249

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