Coloured Tissue Squares 125cm – Pack 480

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Product description

These tissue squares can be used in many collage and craft activities. Size: 12.5cm square.

AUS101 Olympic Torch Activity Sheet.pdf

MTA Catalogue page: 88

Art and Craft catalogue page: 25

Art & Craft Activities

Fishbowl – Craft Activity

Craft a colourful fishbowl picture to hang in the classroom as your new pet.

Suncatcher – Craft Activity

Welcome the warm summer days with a vibrant suncatcher the kids make themselves. These colourful works of art are easy to do and really capture the sun.

Noisemaker – Craft Activity

Help the children get creative and make some noise at the same time with this fun and colourful noisemaker.

Fantastic Fish – Craft Activity

Create a fantastic, colorful fish using cool craft materials like wiggly eyes, sequins, and more.

Tissue Paper Pumpkin – Craft Activity

Children will enjoy making this tasty looking tissue paper pumpkin. This is a simple and fun craft activity that is great to do around Halloween.

Stained Glass Paper Screen – Craft Activity

Students will create a small-scale stained glass screen using paper.

Paper Plate Tambourine – Activity Craft

Kids make sweet music with their own homemade paper plate tambourine

Polly Pirate Pet – Activity

Want a companion for your pirate costume? Try this pet parrot who will turn to look at you.

Spring Windsocks – Craft Activity

Teach the children about the effects of the wind in spring with these fun windsocks.

Hot Air Balloon – Craft Activity

Create a vibrant hot air balloon decoration from colourful tissue paper.