Marbig Invisible Sticky Tape 18mm x 66m

Marbig Invisible Sticky Tape 18mm x 66m

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Product description

This invisible sticky tape can’t be seen on photocopies or faxes. Sticks well and has a smooth cut and flow when used with tape dispensers or by hand.

The invisible sticky tape is a matt finish, which means you can write onto the tape with a pen, pencil or marker.

Invisible sticky office tape is perfect for gift wrapping, by making the folds and placing the invisible tape down, the paper will hold in its position while making the wrapping look professional and clean.

Invisible tape is great for fixing tears in paper, attaching documents together, scrap booking, attaching photos to albums without the unsightly sticky tape over the top, which can also be damaging, invisible tape wont damage your photos.
Invisible tape is perfect for light attaching and mounting of projects or artworks.

Invisible tape is a must have for people who want a professional look to their work, documents or craft activities.

Available in 33m and 66m in a variety of tape widths to suit individual requirements.


MTA Catalogue page: 74

Art and Craft catalogue page: 250

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